Sunday, January 29, 2017

As Colossus Crumbles

As Colossus Crumbles
©Biz Gainey, 2015

Once beckoned her arm, “Enter Ye Here;
Where there is grace for your soul’s deep ache.”
Once beaconed her lamp, “Find upon my vast shores
To all who would come, refuge.  Freedom from fear”

Her lamp which once beaconed all to her shores;
Grows dim as day fades to the grey sheet of night.

Her voice grow faint burdened by fear’s mist;
Her arm fails to hold ‘Neath shame’s grave weight.

Her head slumps softly, deep within her breast;
Hoping to recover the place where hope and courage kiss.

Bronzed finger now turns back upon herself,
Silent screams her whisper, conceived in despair.

“We care not that you suffer,
Our hold tight on your throat;
We must turn you away,
Slain.  We lay your last hope.”

Thursday, June 16, 2016

To Bless: A Limerick

To Bless: A Limerick
©Biz Gainey, 2016

The call to Bless is both ancient and old.
Yet we humans do so love to scold.
Our reluctance to bless,
A failure to confess.
So pride’s our ‘precious’ we so love to hold.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Poetic Prayer of Joy: Our Father

Our Father
©Biz Gainey, March 2016

Our Father, we are taught to pray
By your holy Son divine; who
Invites the soul, within His will
To hope as hearts align.

To hallow, hold, esteem your name,
To gaze upon your worthy throne;
Is to bend our head and heart toward you;
Your grace delights! Our soul comes home.

Our Father, we are taught to seek
Forgiveness from the stench of sin.
As we release those from our hold,
Whom we’ve stomped beneath our feet.

On earth we taste heaven’s grand dream,
As our prayers soak this arid land.
The pang of hunger so well known;
Relieved by our King’s strong hand.

Through us your grace extends to all;
For Joy’s redeemed us from our fall.
Yes, through us your grace extends to all;
For Joy has redeemed us from our fall.

Our Father we are taught to pray,
As joy’s vision makes us whole.
To look; to long for hope in You,
Hope beyond the dark one’s scold.

And lead us not beyond our strength,
O Lord, where life and limb can’t hold.
For in your arms we find new hope;
To overcome the dark one’s scold.

Our Father we are taught to pray,
To know your kingdom reigns supreme.
Your glory beheld, our heart’s last hope;
The soul is lost in heaven’s dream.

It’s yours to redeem, rescue and rest
The wearied soul, worn down by life.
For there’s freedom in your loving care;
Release the chains once bound in strife!
Release the chains once bound in strife!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Limerick: Florida Summer

Florida Summer: A Limerick
©Biz Gainey, August 2015

Summer’s force has indeed held her sway.
Sweating, my face frets this fine day.
Her heat soon to be gone;
We’ll sing winter’s sweet song;

And watch nor’easter storms blow while we play.