Saturday, July 13, 2013

Here it goes . . . a poem, written by yours truly, for all to see!

This poem,  Just Passin Thru, attempts to capture the world as one set on 'razor's edge' and the wisdom of a wise old sage who, in simple fashion, encourages a younger man/womanto ease his/her grip. The thrust is to remind us that we are but passin thru and our best life is yet to come. Indeed, it is a life which may well be determined or shaped in the context of the life we live now.  

Just Passin Thru
By Biz Gainey

Just passin thru, said the old man to one
Bloodshot through the eyes, veins now come undone shaped by the space
Our heart does control through good or ill
Joy, might, love and fright
This life is as but a blink

A simple space may seem as time in a dream
We are shaped and formed by the grip which we hold the vein stretched response too easily we unfold
By its force we are seized
Eyes and hands reveal
The life in deep bleed

Yes, ease dear child
Run the red from your grip! Loose the chain to your lip! Free yourself be not bound
In this place is one found as
Children formed in
The life in rich ground

We ascend and descend this space by degrees
This cacophonous life ill at ease in such fear gripped blood wretched pain not unborn
disfigure the silence and sound and the form
We find deep truth in mockeries’ scorn
This Life oh so tattered and torn

So relent let the heart beat at ease
Released by the fear which so easily seize light in the eyes peace now to see
captured by love and life’s gentle breeze
we find old words spoken so true
This life, we are just passin thru

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